AfricaCast: Unlocking the Potential of African TV through Digital Transformation

WAPA is participating in the following event:


“Unlocking the Potential of African TV through Digital Transformation”

Date   9th-10th November, 2011
Venue   Cape Town Convention Centre, South Africa

This event is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in Africa’s broadcasting market. This two day executive summit will bring together decision makers from the entire value chain, including broadcasters, satellite providers, cable companies, telecoms operators, regulators, content providers, producers and production facilities for networking and learning around:

* Adapting to a changing broadcasting landscape
* Delivering compelling TV services across Africa
* Managing the transition to digital
* Making TV services accessible to low-income markets
* New convergent opportunities
* Developing the market for premium TV services
* Ensuring content and services for customer requirements

WAPA Chairperson, Henk Kleynhans, will be involved in a discussion around Improving broadband access for all in Africa on Thursday, 10th November, at 14.25 and we encourage you to attend.

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