Second Future Wireless Technologies Forum at iWeek 2014

September 11, 2014

Following the success of the first Future Wireless Technologies Forum (FWTF), held in Johannesburg earlier this year, and support for more discussions of this nature, WAPA will be hosting the second forum at iWeek annual Internet industry conference.

The Future Wireless Technologies Forum is a series of collaborative discussions hosted by WAPA, the purpose of which is to explore trends, best practices, and opportunities for new wireless technologies and solutions in the context of the regulatory framework of South Africa. The ultimate outcome of the Future Wireless Technologies Forum is to create motivation and momentum within ICASA, to enable spectrum regulations that will lead to the overall growth of the industry. Read more…

Insights from WAPA Future Wireless Technologies Forum

June 2, 2014

The first Future Wireless Technologies Forum, held on May 29th, brought together service providers, equipment manufacturers, and stakeholders from government and the Regulator to better understand the possibilities, challenges, and commercial implications of wireless technologies. Read more…

WAPA Stance on Incoming Cabinet & Neotel Acquisition

May 27, 2014

The Wireless Access Providers’ Association of South Africa (WAPA), with a membership nearing 200 entities, acts as a collective voice for the wireless industry and for independent wireless network operators. Read more…

WAPA launches Future Wireless Technologies Forum

April 24, 2014

The Regulator, ICASA, has engaged the Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) to assist in bringing stakeholders from the regulatory field and industry together to discuss new and innovative technologies, products, and services in the wireless space. Read more…

WAPA Partnerships Boost to Wireless Industry

March 4, 2014

The Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) is growing in numbers as an ever-wider circle of stakeholders join its membership ranks. WAPA currently has 185 members, an increase from 143 at this time last year, representing 28% year over year growth.

One of WAPA’s aims is to enable partnerships between members by providing context, in the form of industry best practices and resources, along with opportunities for business partnerships, such as Wi-Fi training webinars in collaboration with the Wireless Broadband Alliance. While WAPA has traditionally comprised largely wireless ISPs (WISPs), its mandate is to ensure the sustainability of the wireless industry as a whole by providing regulatory and business support to all entities playing in this space. Read more…

WAPA a growing Force in South Africa’s Broadband Industry…

September 16, 2013

The Wireless Access Provider’s Association (WAPA) last week announced a 25% increase in its membership for the year ended. “The increase in our membership to 164 dynamic wireless operators demonstrates that we are a growing force in South Africa’s broadband industry,” says Christopher Geerdts, WAPA’s outgoing chairman. “However, in going forward, members will definitely need more quality spectrum to be able to provide continuously affordable and quality broadband.” Read more…

WAPA AGM 2013 & New Committee

September 13, 2013

The WAPA Annual General Meeting was held this week on Wednesday, 11 September 2013, at the iWeek Conference in Johannesburg.

The event was an opportunity for members to meet the executive committee and network with their peers in training and team-building sessions. Wednesday was the wireless-specific day and with the topic “Alternative last-mile strategies,” saw over 50 members in attendance. Project manager Arno Hart reported on the success of the Cape Town TVWS Trial, of which WAPA is a partner. Read more…

WAPA Commends Minister for Planning but Warns of Need for “High Road” Approach

August 29, 2013

WAPA has commended the new Minister of Communications, Yunus Carrim, for tabling his plan of action to the portfolio committee, but has warned that more is needed to get South Africa back on the ‘high road’ of broadband access.

This high road requires that South Africa offer its citizens fast, affordable and quality broadband access to create a more competitive nation and directly fuel economic growth. The telecommunications industry itself needs to become more competitive, create jobs, transfer skills, increase rural broadband penetration and reduce the so-called ‘digital divide’ so that all citizens can participate fully in the benefits of a digital economy. Read more…

TVWS Trial launches in South Africa today

March 25, 2013

Trial brings cutting edge of innovation to SA to bridge the digital divide

Google, WAPA and partners are announcing the launch today of a TVWS trial involving ten schools in the Cape Town region.

Television White Spaces (TVWS) are vacant frequencies in the broadcast TV spectrum and have characteristics that are highly desirable for wireless communications, offering the potential to improve Internet connectivity where they are most needed – in the developing world. Read more…

The Cape Town TV White Spaces Trial

WAPA is participating with a number of partners in the operation of the Cape Town TV White Spaces Trial.

The following information is taken with permission from the TENET website. Please go here for updates on the trial. Read more…

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