WAPA GM @ iWeek a Great Success

The WAPA General Meeting was held last week on Wednesday, 21 September 2011, from 14:30 to 17:30, in Centurion, at the iWeek 2011 conference.

With 45 attendees representing 32 members and affiliates in attendance, the meeting was an opportunity for new members to meet the executive committee and long-standing members to catch up with their peers.

The meeting commenced with a regulatory workshop presented by Sumaiyah Makda from Ellipsis, and covered the compliance obligations of licensees, including the submission of required reports to ICASA, and a submissions calendar.

Our Gold sponsor, Easyweb Wireless, and Silver sponsors, True Technologies and Azotel, had the chance to present.

An informal discussion around interference followed, wherein which WAPA tried to determine the extent of the issue and find out from members how to best manage cases thereof.

The WAPA GM was closed to members only and consisted of a welcome by Chairperson Henk Kleynhans, a Treasurer’s report by Eugene van der Merwe, Working group updates from Nicola Smith (Business Enabling), Christopher Geerdts (Regulatory; Training) and Henk Kleynhans (Spectrum; Marketing).

The revised Constitution, Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure was adopted at the GM.

WAPA would like to thank the sponsors, committee and of course members, for making this event possible, as well as ISPA and UniForum for letting WAPA participate in iWeek2011. Please go here for our Chairperson’s letter of thanks.

WAPA disappointed with ICASA and looks to courts for clarity

WAPA has expressed disappointment at the release of ICASA’s draft licence conversion matrix. According to this document ICASA has not mapped a single one of WAPA’s 38 members as Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) licencees. ECNS licences are required to own and operate a wireless network to provide broadband services. Read more…

WAPA responds to iBurst’s outburst

WAPA Press Release 19th February 2007

WAPA responds to iBurst’s outburst
The Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA) notes with concern the recent public statements made by iBurst with regard to what it terms “rogue wireless operators”. It is most unfortunate that a service provider of the nature of iBurst should choose to place inaccurate and misleading information in the public domain in seeking to further its own competitive agenda. WAPA represents over 25 Wireless ISP’s that are providing services that compete with those offered by iBurst. A recent informal census indicates that the collective customer base of WAPA’s members exceeds the combined subscriber base of iBurst and Sentech (MyWireless) in terms of both numbers of customers and growth rate. WAPA understands that the highly emotive nature of iBurst’s comments stem from insecurities around the competitiveness of its services and customer service as also the recent loss of the Lotto connectivity contract. Nevertheless the highly emotive nature of its outburst is regrettable and amounts to nothing more than an attempt to hijack a customer base.

Read more…