Featured Member : Amobia

WAPA asked its membership to respond to a few questions with the idea of creating more awareness in the industry.

Featured Member: Amobia Communications (Pty) Ltd.

How long have you been in business?

Amobia was founded in mid 2005 and we connected our first client in November 2005. About 3 years now.

Give us a quick company profile?

Amobia Communications is an independent network infrastructure provider. Amobia builds outdoor fixed wireless access networks. Our focus is on corporate branch connectivity solutions and high speed point to point links. Consumer services include cost effective wireless broadband internet access and wifi hotspots.

Amobia differentiates itself from many other WISP’s by not bundling any IP transit (internet access) with its range of business services. We aim to be a pure last mile infrastructure provider. This gives us an “inclusive” business model and allows us to partner with ISPs who use the Amobia network to provide internet services.

How and why did you start your wireless business?

We believed there was an emerging need for cost effective, last mile wireless services that could be deployed rapidly by a dynamic and professional company.

Which areas do you cover?

Western Cape: Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay. Gauteng: Johannesburg. North West: Potchefstroom. Eastern Cape: P.E.

What are your plans for the next year?

Our focus is on expanding our Johannesburg network and establishing a footprint in KZN reasonably soon. We are actively promoting our franchise business in non-metro areas.

What is your biggest challenge in the next year?

License conversion is a big one. Amobia hopes to receive an Individual ECNS and ECS license.

What’s new and interesting in your business?

We’re currently developing and testing a “last-yard” (wifi hotspot) distribution model to complement our current “last-mile” services.

2 or 3 memorable events in your business?

The completion of our Cape Town – Stellenbosch ring. This allowed us to be truly independent from Telkom’s network for the first time.

The SchoolWAN project, connecting 100 schools in the Western Cape.

The completion of our first Johannesburg ring and subsequent growing media attention.

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