Future Wireless Technologies Forum VI

Rapid sector growth, the emergence of new markets and opportunities, and evolving your business.

Disruptive technologies and unique business models are impacting industries and organisations in South Africa like never before. Companies work around the clock to develop the latest and greatest, trying to leapfrog competitors and create new market opportunities. This results in an ever changing telecoms industry that is an increasingly interconnected landscape.

In order to be part of this and to avoid reinventing the wheel or being late to market, business owners must carefully consider the market context prior to making infrastructure investments or POCs of new technologies. Remaining competitive in an ever changing business landscape requires companies to think on their feet. Having deep industry and market knowledge is critical, but so are skills such as business modelling and getting your business ready for investment.

In the rapidly changing wireless landscape strategic planning has become critical. It requires an eye that can spot opportunities and often, to capitalise on these, companies will be looking at finding funding models. Finding innovative financing is yet another factor that requires in-depth preparation.

We are excited that the upcoming FWTF VI will shift from a technical focus to a commercial focus. Industry-specific dynamics will be presented, including complementary technologies, access to collaborative partnerships, and innovation. The aim is to empower our members with the latest market information, as well as ensure that you understand what investors look for, so that when the time comes, your and your business is ready for the next step.

Please join us on 20 September at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg when we bring you FWTF VI as part of i-Week 2016.

Ellie Hagopian,
Treasurer and FWTF Chairperson

20 September 2016