IIC Conference: ‘Making Digital Society a Universal Reality’

A digital society will transform your business and create substantial opportunities. But there are major challenges to be overcome if the anticipated economic, social and cultural benefits are to be realised.

On a global basis, governments and industries are grappling with critical issues – such as how to secure the huge infrastructure investment needed for widespread broadband networks, achieve optimal and equitable use of spectrum, develop new content services and applications, and lay the foundations for mass broadband uptake against a backdrop of economic challenge and, in some cases, real deprivation.

Held in Johannesburg on 3 and 4 October, the International Institute of Communications’ (IIC) Annual Conference – ‘Trends in Global Communications: Making Digital Society a Universal Reality’ – gives you the opportunity to meet senior industry representatives, government officials, regulators and other experts from around the world, gain from their insights into recent developments, debate the market, public policy and regulatory implications, and formulate plans towards future outcomes.

“The issues that will be addressed will have a particularly African flavour: how we fund infrastructures in the African contexts, the institutional capacity and arrangements we need to ensure effective regulation, how we encourage open markets and private investment to drive these new infrastructures – the Conference is the ideal forum for global discussions with international participants.”
– Dr Alison Gillwald, Executive Director of Research ICT Africa.

Keynote speakers include:

  • HE Radhakrishna (Roy) L Padayachie, Minister of Communications, South Africa
  • Linus Gitahi, Chief Executive Officer, National Media Group, Kenya
  • Fabio Leite, Deputy Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union.

For details of the IIC Annual Conference programme, the full list of confirmed speakers and how to register, please go here.

WAPA will be hosting a Workshop on Television White Spaces Spectrum in Africa on the back of this event, so attendees to IIC’s conference are encouraged to stay on for this.

Watch this space.