Application Form

If you would like to join WAPA, please complete this member application form and follow the instructions detailed within for the submission process.

Membership fees

R700 (excl. VAT) per month for the following membership categories:

  • Full Member (Network Operator)
  • Associate Member (Hardware / Non-hardware Vendor / Consultant)

The following Associate Members are exempt from paying membership fees upon proof of registration:

  • NPO
  • Education / Research / Government entity
  • Trade Association

Joining Fee

R8 900 (excl. VAT)once off, only for network operators who do not have the required licensing in place.
R7 000.00 (excl. VAT)once off, only for network operators requiring licence exemption.

Note: This fee goes towards the process of helping a new network operator register and apply for the required (Class ECS and Class ECNS) licences, or licence exemption, whichever applies.

Network operators who already have the required licensing (ECS or ECNS), or exemption, do not need to pay this fee.

Once we have received your application, the WAPA Secretariat will contact you to complete the signup process.

Required files

Depending on your selections below, you will need to submit the following files in order to complete the form:

  • ECS licence (all pages)
  • ECNS licence (all pages)
  • ICASA confirmation letter (all pages)
  • Exemption certificate (all pages)
  • Company logo (on a white background)
  • Company registration documents (all pages)

We also request that you submit the contact details of a customer and supplier reference, for our records.

Application Process

Once we receive the complete form and supporting documents, WAPA will acknowledge receipt hereof and your application will be submitted to the Management Committee for approval.

You will be sent the joining fee invoice (if applicable), upon payment of which you will be signed up as Probationary Member, for the period within which your ICASA licence application is in progress. Two months is granted for this.

Should you have the required licensing, you will be signed up as either Full or Associate Member immediately, and your first payment will be deducted by debit order on the first of the following month.

You will receive a letter and membership number confirming your status.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to signing you up.

Membership form