July Member Spotlight: BushGuru

BushGuru to the rescue in Kruger National Park

Mopani Rest Camp in Kruger National Park lies nearly 60 kilometres from the nearest town, even as the crow flies, and takes over 2 hours to reach by car from the Park’s Phalaborwa Gate. It is closer to the Giriyondo Border Post into Mozambique than it is to any town in South Africa. The world-class facilities at Mopani attract tourists and VIP conference delegates from far and wide, promising peaceful surroundings in the heart of Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. Unfortunately, Mopani Conference Centre was struggling to meet the needs of some VIP events due to lack of internet facilities.

Mopani Conference Centre booked two training courses for senior judges, including the Deputy Judge President from Gauteng, that required internet facilities, on the strength of a positive discussion with a well-known South African communications company. The conference centre became aware after booking that the promised internet installation was not going to materialise on time.

BushGuru, a small wireless internet service provider in Phalaborwa, quoted for the job at a reasonable price and promised that communications would be ready in time for the VIPs’ arrival for the conference. Mopani’s event organisers were forced by the urgency of the situation to place their trust in a company of whom they had never heard before they requested the quote. They could have been forgiven for believing that the conference was doomed to failure.

The day of the conference arrived and the installation was complete, as promised. There was a 4 Mbps link with wifi hotspot facilities available to all delegates. Later that morning, the Telkom voice landlines went down and the cellphone signal disappeared at Mopani Rest Camp, meaning that Skype via BushGuru’s internet service was the only way of communicating with the outside world.

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