Make sure your WISP is a WAPA Member

May 15, 2008

WAPA offers consumers a complaints process for matters that can not be resolved between them and their provider directly. When WAPA receives complaints about WISPs providing a bad service, WAPA will investigate, try to resolve the problem and give consumers advice in dealing with the matter.

However, WAPA only has power over WAPA members, as they have agreed to our Code of Conduct. It is very important for consumers to check that their Outdoor Fixed Wireless provider is a WAPA member. The best way to verify this is to look at the list of members on the WAPA website and check that providers have the WAPA logo on the front page of their website.

Here is an example of a complaint:

Since installing my router almost a year ago I have had problems with the service.

Yesterday after another complain to the support line they tell me I am supposed to buy or rent a new router from them as the existing one will no longer work.

Apparently the supplier went bankrupt or something like that.

I called the local agent who did the installation and asked him why I should now pay more. He then tells me he’ll give me another router and would then credit my account or something to that regard and I said fine as long as I do not need to go to any more expense. He would arrange for the technician to come and do the swop as soon as possible.

Now, today my connection is fine again. Giving me the impression that someone is not telling me the whole truth.

In this specific case WAPA could not help because the WISP in question is not a WAPA member and had to recommend that the complaint be lodged with ICASA directly.

WAPA strongly encourage all providers of Outdoor Fixed Wireless services to become WAPA members. A good consumer complains resolution process will ensure a good reputation for the WISP industry.