New Spectrum Analyser

A new Spectrum Analyser supporting 1 MHz to 9.4 GHz is now available to WAPA’s Johannesburg membership. The SPECTRAN® NF-5030 & HF-60100 V4 will be kept at UniNet’s office.

This particular Spectrum Analyser:

  1. has a high sensitivity (-155dBm) and low Noise Floor, which is advantageous to have for long range measurements and/or when the receive signal is weak.
  2. supports narrowband signals and takes into account the modulation scheme of the signal: Wifi / WiMAX, Video signals, etc.
  3. has an 80 times faster sampling time than the average hand held spectrum analyser.
  4. has a vastly improved “spurious free dynamic range”
  5. has improved filters and excellent bandwidth resolution which is important for distinguishing signals on adjacent channels.
  6. has a faster battery charging than previous models.

Please note that use of the spectrum analyser requires that you have attended a WAPA spectrum analyser course. You can go here to apply for borrowing the unit.