8:30Registration and refreshments
9:00Welcome Ellie Hagopian
Chairperson WAPA
9:05Opening and introduction to FWTF Jens Langenhorst
Deputy Chair WAPA & Chair FWTF
9:20Global trends in Open AccessIdan Bar-Sadee
9:30Can wireless systems be open access and if so, how?Chair: Daryl Haw
Panellists: Riyaaz Kerbelker, Nick Ehrke, James DevinePPTX
10:30Tea Break
11:00Commercial Hotspot sharingChristopher GeerdtsPDF
11:45Leveraging partnerships for communal success Eugene van der Merwe: HerotelPDF
13:30Leveraging public infrastructure Anton Kotze: Regulatory Expert Ellipsis
14:15Open Access: What ICASA means by thisPieter Grootes: GM ICASA
15:00Tea Break
15:30Content owners and network providers: a match made in heaven Alfie Martin: Consultant
16:15End of Day messageChair: FTWF
17:00Closing Chair: WAPA Ellie Hagopian

7 September 2015