RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and FiberinMotion® solutions for broadband-in-motion. RADWIN’s solutions deliver voice, video and data with unmatched high-capacity for very long ranges. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s solutions serve the needs of service providers, mobile carriers, governments, enterprises, public and private security companies and transportation organizations. RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as wireless mobile in motion for trains and metros.

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MiRO has the experience and proven track record of supplying powerful, flexible and scalable solutions to our client’s communication requirements. MiRO positioned itself as a responsible supplier to the growing IP convergence industry with expert skills in Wireless networking, IP Video and Voice over IP. MiRO focuses heavily on supplying only the best products providing strong after-sales service and excellent technical support and training.

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AFREN – Technologies is a Niche Market Carrier Grade Microwave backhaul provider. AFREN is positioned to be a solutions partner and not simply a box dropping service; rather incorporating our experienced local manufacturing partner – MIMOTech; to do our utmost best to align with your goals and help you achieve them for the delivery of your network resources to your clients. We offer the Starlink range of equipment in both the licensed and license-free bands.

7 September 2015