FWTF II – Sponsors

Please note that the information on this page is for a previous event and is for archival purposes only.

Neotel – Platinum Sponsor

Neotel LogoNeotel is a telecommunications network operator that caters for wholesale, business and home customer needs. We deliver services that reduce the cost of doing business through the optimal use of advanced technologies. We are South Africa’s first converged telecommunications network operator. This means that voice, data and Internet is now offered over a single connection.

We provide a range of value-added voice, internet and data services for business, wholesale network operators, network providers and consumers. In other words from the telephone handset at home to the data centres that have become the epicentres of local and international business. Additional services include Virtual Private Networks, hosting and satellite services. Our various telecommunications licences, Electronic Communication Network Service License and Electronic Communication Network License, allow us to provide the entire range of telecommunications services. Neotel covers all major metropolitan areas of South Africa. Our coverage expands on a regular basis.

Diversity – South Africa’s strength is reflected in our shareholding. United in purpose, our shareholding embodies vast global as well as local telecoms experience, giving us greater impetus to achieve our objectives.

Website: www.neotel.co.za

Radwin – Platinum Sponsor

PrintRADWIN is a leading global provider of wireless Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Small Cell NLOS Backhaul and FIBERinMOTION™ solutions geared for wireless broadband-in-motion. RADWIN’s solutions deliver voice, video and data with unmatched high-capacity for long ranges. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s solutions serve the needs of carriers, service providers, governments, enterprises, public and private security companies and transportation organisations. RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, non-line-of-sight small cell backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as wireless mobile-in-motion for trains and metros. RADWIN is a member of the $1.2 billion RAD Group of companies, a world leader in networking product solutions.

Website: www.radwin.com

Miro Distribution – Gold Sponsor

PrintMiRO has the experience and proven track record of supplying powerful, flexible and scalable Wireless IP Solutions to our clients’ communication requirements. MiRO positioned itself as a responsible supplier to the growing IP Convergence Industry with expert skills in Wireless Networking, Video and Voice over IP. MiRO focuses heavily on supplying only the best products providing strong after-sales service and excellent technical support and training.

Ubiquiti Networks provides cost-effective, all-in-one devices that are superb for short to medium range wireless networks, and are simple to install and maintain. Ubiquiti’s products offer unique benefits such as AirMax (high performance PTMP protocol with TDMA), AirSync (GPS synchronisation for dense deployments) and PoE passthrough (power an IP Camera directly from radio). Their technology platforms such as airMAX, UniFi and airFibre deliver an unparalleled user experience combined with industry leading performance in frequencies of 2.4, 3.5, 5, 10 and 24GHz.

Website: www.miro.co.za

Google – Silver Sponsor

Google_Logo_3564x1189Google’s mission is to organise the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since its foundation in 1998, they have become one of the foremost Web search engines in the world. Through innovative advances in search technology, they have been able to provide Web users who conduct Web searches with quick and pertinent information. Google delivers these services through a public site, www.google.com, and by licensing its search services to portals and commercial Web sites using its SiteSearch and WebSearch services. Google Inc. is  currently making a major push to expand its user base in whole of the African continent, where its three-pronged strategy focuses on getting more people online and creating a relevant and sustainable Internet ecosystem.

Website: google.com

Project Isizwe – Silver Sponsor

Project Isizwe SA Logo Landscape_NEWProject Isizwe is a non-profit organisation which facilitates the roll-out of Free WiFi for public spaces in low-income communities. Our core focus is to harness the internet in low-income communities for the purpose of education, economic development and social inclusion. Project Isizwe has successfully delivered 220 Free Internet Zones (FIZ) in the City of Tshwane, which have connected over 120 000 unique users since November 2013, with a major expansion in the works. Project Isizwe has also rolled out sites at eight locations in Atlantis and Robertson in the Western Cape, creating capacity for 40 000 people.

Website: www.projectisizwe.org

Huawei – Silver Sponsor


Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. By leveraging our strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, Huawei’s strategy in the enterprise domain focuses on close co-operation and integration with partners to deliver a wide range of highly efficient customer-centric ICT solutions and services that are based on a deep understanding of customer needs. In line with our strategy, we offer a broad portfolio of innovative ICT solutions that cater to global vertical industry and enterprise customers across government and public sector, finance, transportation, energy, large enterprises, and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). Our portfolio covers enterprise networking, unified communications & collaboration (UC&C), cloud computing & data center, enterprise wireless, network energy, and other infrastructure services

Website: www.huawei.com

Letaba – Bronze Sponsor


Website: www.letaba.net

Capricom – Bronze Sponsor


Website: www.capricom.co.za

LS of South Africa Radio Communication Services – Bronze Sponsor


Website: www.lsofsa.co.za