Success for WAPA at IP-CON 2011

The IP Convergence Conference, hosted by WAPA member Miro Distribution in the VodaDome last week with a turn out of 500 delegates, presented a great marketing opportunity for WAPA.

According to Bertus van Jaasveld, CEO of Miro, “Something that was made very clear during the day, is that we (the WISP industry) will play an ever larger role in the broadband access market. The government’s drive to get 100% broadband access by 2020, new Super WiFi products and frequencies all point to a very exciting future!

The message came across clearly yesterday that WAPA can add a lot of value to a wireless ISP and that a larger and stronger WAPA will ensure access to the resources we need and help to ensure that they remain viable for all to use.”

WAPA would like to express their gratitude to Miro for offering this platform for our speakers as well as sponsoring our exhibition booth.

We also thank the following for their support:

Sumaiyah Makda from Ellipsis, which acts as regulatory advisor to WAPA, spoke about regulatory requirements and promoted WAPA membership as an avenue for getting licenced.

WAPA Chairperson, Henk Kleynhans, spoke about how our members are making connectivity possible in unlikely and specialised situations, as well as the current lobbying efforts for unlicensed, managed spectrum in the Digital Dividend.

WAPA members, Lionel Whitecross from Easyweb Wireless Internet, and Mohammad Patel from O-Tel Telecom gave presentations on a wireless case study and VoIP solutions, respectively, and we thank them for displaying our logo and making reference to WAPA.

Chris Sutherland from Miro mentioned WAPA in his talk on Wireless products and technologies. He has been involved in our working groups and training course development.

Many thanks also to Grant from Xtranet Internet Services for sponsoring the WAPA flyers and colourful banners that, along with the talks, drew so much attention to the WAPA stand that Sumaiyah and I had a line queuing up during the breaks to find out more about joining WAPA and getting licensed, as well as requests for wireless services.

In the words of one member who attended, Johan Kruger from Safricom, “it was great to see all the WAPA presence. I think Henk had an outstanding presentation and we all need to see how we can support WAPA to lobby ICASA and the Department for access to new/better frequencies…Bertus has a passion for wireless and how this can help to change the landscape in South Africa. I think most WAPA members share this passion and it is good to see a vendor that shares this vision.”