Unlicenced Providers

From the general meetings it seems there is a mandate to pursue this with WAPA as the complainant.

WAPA will
– Draft a letter to go to ICASA council and speak to certain councillors about the need to deal with the issue (top-down)
– Engage with ICASA enforcement in the regions (bottom-up)
– Draft some PR on the issue calling for ICASA to take action to stop the proliferation of unlicensed fly-by-night operators

An initial approach will be made to an unlicenced operator to invite them to become part of WAPA and obtain the necessary licensing. If they do not accept the invitation, an approach to ICASA/SAPS will be formulated.

Anyone wishing to lodge a complaint with ICASA should notify WAPA with the full details of the entity so that the initial invitation to join WAPA and sort out licensing can be made. If this is not successful, it can then be passed on to Ellipsis.