WAPA Committee 2011

The 2011 Management Committee was elected at the 2010 WAPA AGM on the 26th of November at Asara, Stellenbosch.

The constitution was amended at the AGM to allow associate members (equipment vendors) to stand on the committee. Members are elected in their personal capacities and not as representatives of any member organisation of the Association.

Elected 2011 Management Committee:

* Abraham van der Merwe
* Chris Sutherland
* Christopher Geerdts
* Craig Stewart
* Eduard Walker
* Eugene van der Merwe
* Henk Kleynhans
* Mohammad Patel
* Nicola Smith

We welcome all the new committee members and thank those who have agreed to stay on for WAPA’s next phase.

Thanks also goes to David Jarvis, Justin Spratt and Leon Botes for their input on the committee in 2010.