WAPA Explainer Video

March 11, 2012

After some months of conceptualising and lots of hard work from the team at Blink Tower and much input from the WAPA Marketing working group, the eagerly awaited WAPA video has been released and is now LIVE on the WAPA homepage as well as the WAPA YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wapasouthafrica

The video is a 60-second explainer which briefly informs the viewer what WAPA can do for its members, how important it is to be a member, and the value WAPA offers to its members.

By playing this video at upcoming conferences and expo’s, WAPA hopes to attract many of the wireless providers who are interested in upgrading their status by committing to following WAPA’s Industry Code of Conduct, as this will benefit the wireless industry as a whole.

This video is also part of the drive to make wireless customers ask the question, “Is my service provider a WAPA-member?”, in turn encouraging more WISPs to join WAPA, making us a truly representative body of independent wireless operators.