WAPA industry survey results 2007

WAPA is proud to announce the results of the second annual WAPA industry survey. The first survey was conducted in November 2006 with the formation of WAPA. The wireless fixed access provider (WISP) market showed impressive growth through 2007.

WAPA as a collective represents the second biggest provider of fixed service telecommunication infrastructure in South Africa today. Note that the figures below are but a snapshot of confirmed data from 23 members. WAPA estimates the total number of subscribers in this market segment to be 40 000.

Summary of results:

  • Date: November 2007
  • Respondents: 23 WAPA members
  • Subscribers: 8201, 80% growth, estimated split: 40% consumer market, 60% business market
  • Annual Revenue: R53m, 26% growth
  • Staff Employed: 267, 41% growth
  • Schools and social responsibility projects: 192, 42% growth

The full survey results are available to WAPA members.