WAPA industry survey results 2008

April 17, 2009

WAPA is proud to announce the results of the third annual WAPA industry survey. The first survey was conducted in November 2006 with the formation of WAPA and has been done annually in November since then.

WAPA as a collective represents the second biggest provider of fixed service telecommunication infrastructure in South Africa today as well as the second largest group of telecommunications licensees. Note that the figures below are only a snapshot of industry data collected from WAPA members.

WAPA estimates that there are over 700 wireless providers operating in South Africa, the majority of which are not yet WAPA members. WAPA estimates the total number of fixed wireless subscribers to be in the order of 60,000.

Summary of results:

  • Date: November 2008
  • Respondents: 23 WAPA members
  • Total WAPA members: 44, 33% growth
  • Fixed Wireless Subscribers: 12 841, 57% growth, estimated split: 62% consumer market, 38% business market
  • Annual Revenue: R55m, 4% growth
  • High Sites: 860, 10% growth
  • Staff Employed: 375, 40% growth
  • Schools and social responsibility projects: 329, 71% growth
  • HDI/BEE status average: 44%, 76% growth

General observations:

The 2008 survey for the first time included Wifi Hotspot subscribers, estimated at 20 000+.

Total revenue grew conservatively even though total subscriber numbers grew by 57%. The majority of subscribers in this year’s survey is residential. This reflects a trend towards more cost effective access for consumers.

Coverage areas expanded with a steady growth in the number of high sites and there was impressive sustained growth in employment and social responsibility projects.

The WAPA membership made very good progress in meeting and exceeding ICASA’s HDI/BEE ownership guidelines.

The majority of WAPA members indicated that licenced or lite-licenced (shared) spectrum should be a strong focus area for WAPA in the next year. The membership also expressed strong interest in building a collective national coverage map.

The full survey results are available to WAPA members.