WAPA July GM & Roadshow

WAPA held a meeting on the 29th and 30th of July in Johannesburg and Cape Town with a turn out of 30 and 36 attendees respectively.

On the agenda for the WAPA meeting was activities for the year so far and defining WAPA’s goals and focus areas. Members were invited to join the working groups formed to address these areas. Ellipsis provided a regulatory update and there were presentations on VoIP by Christopher Geerdts (Multisource) and Mohammad Patel (Otel Africa) as well as on Installation standards and best practices by Chris Sutherland, Miro. Joe Botha from Trustfabric presented a RICA proposal and some of the vendors had the opportunity to promote their products.

The GM minutes and presentation slides have been posted on the members’ mailing list.

The meeting at Asara in Stellenbosch was concluded with a wine tasting which presented an excellent networking opportunity.

Many thanks to Internet Solutions for providing the venue in Johannesburg.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a speaker on a relevant topic or promoting a product at the next event, please contact WAPA.