Wistec Data & Telecommunications

Wistec differs from other existing service providers in that Wistec’s services are not exclusive to the Bronkhorstspruit area, but  we aim to provide services in the rural and less densely populated communities where the provision for such networks is currently not feasible through conventional infrastructure, due to cost and logistical problems. This technology is not only less expensive to install and maintain, as no cabling is required, but also provides affordable connectivity rates. 

The main advantage of a wireless network is the provision of voice communication, data transfer, e-mail facilities as well as Internet access, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week at a fixed rate.

Equipment rental options are provided to ensure that these services can be made available to the whole spectrum of possible end-users and that limited funds should not deny any individual, business or institution access to these services.  Wistec is of the opinion that the availability of these services will be an important factor in influencing the future success of development ventures in the new information era.

Why Us?
Our team. We are proud to say that our Team is a bunch of energetic, experienced and customer-friendly people! Standing ready to assist!

Our focus. At Wistec, we focus on providing you with the best value and quality web hosting through @lantic Internet Services, Professional web design and internet at affordable prices. Uptime, redundancy, speed and value are all extremely important to us. We make use of the best suppliers to guarantee best products.